Puppet is a cross-platform, open source configuration management utility, which runs on various Unix, Linux, and Windows Microsoft platforms. It allows you to automate all your IT configurations, giving you control of what you do to each node, and also when and how you do it. You’ll be able to build and manage development, test, and production environments independently without requiring previous system administration experience.

About This Course


  • Develop high-quality Puppet modules in an isolated development environment
  • Manage complex development environments with industry-leading configuration management tool
  • A comprehensive guide to get you started with Puppet development and deployment in virtual environments


Who This Course Is For

If you are new to configuration management and IT automation processes and are looking for better ways to manage system configuration changes at scale, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of Linux System Administration is a prerequisite.



What You Will Learn


  • Manage your system with Puppet instantly
  • Develop Puppet in an isolated development environment
  • Make your manifests reusable to avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • Automate monitoring to improve the user experience through increased uptime
  • Enable nodes to communicate with each other via Puppet Master
  • Make environment configuration dynamic using stored configurations and PuppetDB
  • Extend Puppet beyond the built-in functionalities
  • Manage your environment through the Puppet Enterprise console


Course Contents

Introduction to Puppet

  • Introduction to Configuration Management
  • Why Puppet
  • Difference between Puppet Open Source and Puppet Enterprise
  • Puppet Architecture

The Puppet Infrastructure

  • Puppet Master / Agents
  • System facts
  • Custom Facts
  • Installation of puppet master and agents


The Puppet Run Cycle

  • Introduction to puppet run cycle
  • Node matching and catalog compilation


The Puppet Language – A Basic Primer

  • Puppet resource ( file, service, package, service, etc.. )
  • Puppet types
  • The package file and service pattern
  • Applying conditional logics in puppet
  • Fact Conditionals – Choosing a course of action


Organizing A Puppet Environment

  • Defining nodes
  • Puppet modules
  • Puppet classes
  • Parameterised classes
  • Online puppet modules repository
  • Provisioning of A web server
  • Provisioning of a file server
  • Automation of Users and permissions
  • Hiera Parameters
  • Foreman installation and importing the classes
  • Applying the classes on nodes using the foreman
  • Reporting with puppet
  • Puppet Enterprise installation
  • Registering agents with puppet enterprise
  • Live management with Puppet Enterprise
  • Provision of machines

Puppet templates

  • ERB Templates
  • Puppet on Windows
  • Puppet Cloud Provisioner
  • Puppet Hadoop MultiNode Demo
  • Puppet FileServer
  • Puppet SSH Keys
  • Puppet Logs
  • Puppet Troubleshooting
  • MCollective & Systems Orchestration


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