OpenStack Private Cloud Training

openstack training chennai
Openstack private cloud training
Design, deploy, and manage a scalable OpenStack infrastructure
This comprehensive training will help you to learn hands-on and master the OpenStack cloud environment to fit your infrastructure in production.
We will start, this openstack training with the OpenStack core architecture. You will be learning on how to create your own OpenStack private cloud.
You will also learn the security layer and network troubleshooting skills, along with some advanced networking features.
with our OpenStack training in chennai delivered by experts, you will gain experience of centralizing and logging OpenStack. The classroom training will show you how to carry out performance tuning and troubleshooting based on OpenStack service logs.
On completion of the training, you will be ready to take steps to deploy and manage an OpenStack cloud with the latest open source technologies.
What You Will Learn
  • Explore the core components architecture and design of OpenStack and the core services
  • Learn how to distribute OpenStack services among cluster setup
  • Compare different storage solutions from openstack
  • Design different high availability scenarios and how to plan for a no Single Point Of Failure environment
  • Set up a multinode environment in production using orchestration tools
  • Boost OpenStack performance with advanced configuration
  • Establish a distributed monitoring solution and keep track of resource consumption

OpenStack Training

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