Apache Cassandra is a robust second-generation distributed database. Its write-optimized shared-nothing architecture results in massive scalability, making it a popular choice at organizations such as Twitter, Digg, and Rackspace.

This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no experience with Cassandra is required. Experience with databases, SQL, and programming is recommended.
You will start by learning how to install Cassandra, and then move onto understanding ways to communicate with Cassandra.

Cassandra Training in Chennai

What You Will Learn

  • Install and set up your Cassandra Cluster using various installation types
  • Use Cassandra Query Language (CQL) to design Cassandra database and tables with various configuration options
  • Design your Cassandra database to be evenly loaded with the lowest read/write latencies
  • Employ the available Cassandra tools to monitor and maintain a Cassandra cluster
  • Debug CQL queries to discover why they are performing relatively slowly
  • Choose the best-suited compaction strategy for your database based on your usage pattern
  • Tune Cassandra based on your deployment operation system environment



This course assumes no prior knowledge of Apache Cassandra or any other NoSQL database. Though some familiarity with Linux command line is essential, minimal exposure to Java,database or data-warehouse concepts is required.


Course Contents : Cassandra Training in Chennai

What is Big Data

Technology Landscape

Big Data Relevance

Distributed Systems and Challenges

Why NoSQL Databases

Relational DB vs. NoSQL

Type of NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Landscape

CAP Theorem and Eventual Consistency

Key Characteristics of NoSQL Database systems



Cassandra Fundamentals

Distributed and Decentralized

Elastic Scalability

High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Tuneable Consistency



High Performance


The Cassandra Data Model

The Relational Data Model

A Simple Introduction



Hands-on Session


Installation and Setup of Cassandra

Single Node Setup

Multi-Node Cluster Setup

Key Configurations for Cassandra

CLI and Hands-On with Cassandra


Cassandra Modeling

The Relational Data Model

A Simple Introduction



Hands-on Session


Cassandra Architecture

System Keyspace


Gossip and Failure Detection

Anti-Entropy and Read Repair

Memtables, SSTables, and Commit Logs

Hinted Handoff


Bloom Filters



Cassandra API

Key concepts for Read and Write in Cassandra

Tunable Consistency

Simple Get , Multi-get Slice

Range and Slice

Slice Predicate


Hands on CLI commands


Cassandra CQSHL

SQL over Cassandra

Composite Keys

Hands on examples on CQL 3.0


Cassandra Clients

How to establish Client Connections

Thrift Client

Connection Pooling

Auto-discovery and Failover in Hector

Client with CQL

Cassandra Monitoring and Administration

Tuning Cassandra

Backup and Recovery methods



Node Tools Commands


Monitoring critical metrics

Bulk Loading Data to Cassandra

Bulk Export of Data from Cassandra

Hands on Examples for each of them


Cassandra Analytics Cluster

Cassandra Hadoop Integration


Cassandra Search Cluster

Integration of Solr with Cassandra

Search Query on Cassandra

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Cassandra Training in Chennai

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